Intelligent Virtual Agents (IVAs)

Attract, interact, motivate, retain and scale with the best intelligent virtual agents in the world. 24/7 team highly competitive, able to assist in hundreds of languages. Make decisions based on data thanks to Artificial and Business Intelligence.

Voice recognition and precise measurement
Natural Language Processing (NLP)
Voice redundancy and Quality Control
Precise translation from voice to text
Self service information availability
Autonomous applications vor voice messaging and mobile
Workflow automation
Detailed report to improve IVA's rate

Provide a human experience by solving user problems with intelligent virtual agents

Natural Language Proccesing (NLP) makeseasier to automate complex processes of interaction.

Reach multiples types of user thanks to a better understanding of NLP. Automate solutions and reduce costs. Five9 uses the most advanced solutions of companies like Google and IBM to empower the impact of your IVA.

Voice interaction design and digital channels
Multilanguage support
Drag-and-drop interface
Sentiment analysis

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, offer an experience based on automated interactions. Reduce your Contact Center costs by managing interactions usually supported by on-premises agents. Work with a unique development platform based on the cloud and without coding. Build, implement and manage faster IVA through your clients' desired channels: voice, chat, SMS, social messaging and many more.