Management of CX

Guide actions that deliver the greatest impact on your clients. Take the decisions that provide the greater value for your business. Through this solution, connect actions between different areas of the organization.

Value building
Active hearing
Predictive AI
Automated actions
Enterprise grade
Discover motivations

73% of customers highlight that CX is the deciding factor when making choices.

– Smartkarrot

Discover trends, patterns and motivators of your customers' loyalty

Hear every voice of your customers, get into every detail to increase the purchase rate and loyalty. Get the power of a tool that provides hearing, predictive intelligence and analysis. Guide through data actions that make a significant impact.

A single platform safe and trustable. Integrations that automate enabling tickets, messaging and more, to put your customer at the center of your organization. Enterprise grade platform that offers the best in security, compliance and manageability. Control how data flows to the right people.