IRM (Data protection)

We produce daily thousands of files with different types such a PDFs, Excel files, images, presentations, that are exposed to external and internal (human errors) threats. Manage correctly the files that your company and workforce.

Integral protection
Reduce risks
Control your files wherever you are
Persistent protection that follows the document
External safe collaboration
Remote control of documents and emails

The average time to detect and detain a security breach is 279 days.


Make sure that all the documents that are beign saved in your folders are protected automatically

Keep your files safe no matter the place that you are. Always protect your information from unwanted access wherever your are with the main standard of data protection (IOS 27001 and more)

Complete access audit
Easy to use for users and workers
Risk reduction and legal responsibility

Easy to implement on-premises as well as on Cloud/SaaS. The IT manager will not need to intervine for the users to share documents with external users. Work with native applications such as Adobe, Foxit, AutoCAD, video apps, XPS and more. Risk monitoring: documents with blocked access, suspicious activity and more.