Biometric Security

Work with a solutions that puts the most advanced biometric security at your disposal, to identify patients, workers, students, clients or citizens. By using tools of dactilar prints, facial and iris recognitions, people are identified correctly at a confortable and efficient way.

Flexible and scalable
Diverse sensors
Easy integration
Security and quickness
Virtual and on-premises solutions

1 of every 100 patients suffer from identification errors.

– Verázial

Manage biometric databases from 1,000 to 100 millions of people

Security and quickness at virtual and on-premises access. Safe access to areas that require a precise identification to access. Ideal solutions for governments and public administration. Allow a safest access to documents and tasks: safer, agile and confortable ballot, life tests and others.

Biometric security is indispensable for protecting your team and clients from confidential information due to specific characteristics of every person. Gather inputs and outputs as you gain control and transparency of your company's operations.