Speech Analytics

Real-time monitoring solution for calls. Configure alerts, notifications, recommendations or guides to manage pre-established situations. Audio is transmitted to a real-time voice processor that produces a report based on keywords or voice tones to recognize configured actions.

Real-time voice processor
Call recorder
Categorization and Real-Time Transcription
Employee or group interaction
Easy-to-access analytics
Improve your user interaction

90% of professionals recognize that data and analytics are crucial for their strategy of digital transformation. The correct Speech Analytics tool can offer a panoramic view of the business.

– Gartner

Understanding a unique language, changing the way voice analysis is used in the world.

Word categories are detected to guide the user through a better navigation toward an area of interest.

Fonetic recognition
100% call transcription
World class tool

Tradicionally, voice analysis development required a significant effort and time to develop call categories to fulfill certain characteristics. Besides being costly, they used to be biased. Now, they are filtered through a world class tool and highly precise.