Integrated Trading Platform (IPC)

A unique platform, integrated for unified communications, trading workflow and compliance. Regulated environment of trading in a safe and certified platform, friendly for developers.

Increase productivity
Control operational risk
Gain competitiveness
Compliance and Security
Business Intelligence

66% of traders considers that a technology trading-related will be important to reach 2022 goals.


Ease the scalability and development of new functionalities

Regulated environment of trading safe and friendly. It will allow you to scale to develop more competitiveness and new functionalities. Simplify the connectivity of your company to allow traders to collaborate quickly with anyone anywhere.

Easy scalability
High availability

This service goes beyond the traditional view of trading to deliver a platform that can withstand new workflows, provide security and define demands without compromising flexibility for potential innovations. Increase the speed and preciseness of your applications with a simple access to the variety of solutions.