Virtual Contact Center

Autonomous service with an easy access to Artificial Intelligence quick and precise

We offer cloud solutions as flexible and viable replacements for on-premise infrastructure for Contact Centers and many applications. Discover how different kinds of service can offer trust and quality for your Contact Center.

Network redundancy
Operator redundancy
Voice redundancy and Quality Control
Fail-proof architecture
Geographic redundancy
Scalability and availability

On average, 82% of IT budgets are oriented to the main core of a business, leaving around 18% to make a change in the business.

– CGI Group

Real-time diagnostics and unmatched response capabilities for your service

An infrastructure made to withstand the most demanding needs regarding availability and security, We offer world-class security. Our voice services include voice redundancy for 3 operators at 1-800 service, 4 for DID, 18 for long-distance and 10 for internationals, considering inbound and outbound.

Longer activity time

Fail-proof functionalities for outbound and inbound calls, allowing the customer te be protected against any operator failure. We provide performance metrics regarding signal gathering, latency and so on to rate an operators' quality.